Project Mark 48 - Very special project in development with Rossinavi in Italy. A clear and distinctive vision that will blur the lines between the silver screen and reality:

44 m • Project SeaBlade -  Fast + modern sub 500 gross tonnes craft, with a distinctive bow and a vessel with more main deck space than any similarly sized craft today:

18 m • Project GranTourismo -  A California SuperBoat that takes the capabilities of offshore racing multihulls, and brings a level of luxury never before seen in the sector:

127 m • Project Crescere -  A Giga-Yacht with exterior attitude, but a peaceful interior heart, to join ranks with the epic recently launched 100+m craft being imagined and built today:

112 m • Project [Redacted] -  A vision for the future of superyachting, a fully forward looking vessel in development across 3 continents, with a special Grand Prix twist:

96 m • Project Dracarys -  The Adventurecraft of the 21st Century, efficient, ice-capable, Caribbean draft, toy-rich, from aircraft to submarines, open, modern, flexible:

130 m • Project IJKC -  Proposal for a young superyacht owner seeking a largely glass-composed superstructure- driven to realize a fully unique watercraft such has never been seen before - read more in Boat International: